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Bodrum - Gokova - Bodrum

Bodrum - Gokova - Bodrum

Blue Voyage  Cruise

Places to be seen: Orak Island, Ilgın Cove, Seven Islands, Ören Bays, Çatı, Ballı Su, English Harbor, Sedir Island, Cleopatra’s Cove, Söğüt Harbor, Marmaris, Tuzla, Çökertme Cove, Kisebükü Cove

The 1st Day:  Bodrum- Orak Island –Ilgın Cove

In the port of Bodrum, we will board on the boat. You will have the opportunity to visit the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and Bodrum Castle while the boat crew is loading stores and provisions onto the gulet. We will move after the completion of the port formalities. In general, the first stop is the crystal clear, serene and calm waters of the Orak Island. For sure, you will want to jump into the crystal clear waters at once before the captain anchors the boat. If the Orak Island is crowded then a small cove in Fener or Kisbükü Cove will harbor us. We will be under sail and heading towards the Ilgın Cove after a break of a few couple of hours for swimming and lunch will swim. Subsequently, we will go swim, dive or surf until the dinner time.  Of course, you can exercise your right to laziness under the sun or take a nature walk. You will feel that the land surrounding the coves is as fascinating and exciting as the Aegean Sea. In nights with full moon, you may croon songs to the accompaniment of guitars watching the stars.   

The 2nd Day:  Seven Islands – Ören Coves- Çatı

Following the breakfast, we will head towards the Seven Islands, which will take a few hours. If we are lucky and they do not behave coquettishly, you will find the opportunity to race with dolphins across the Ören Coves. We will have our lunch respectively at the cove located on the southern end of the Seven Islands and dinner at Küfre. Furthermore, wonderfully sweet smelling spectacular pine woods with a resin prominent scent will be waiting for us for nature walks. If the weather is good –so as in the afternoons usually strong west winds prevail- your captain will take to Çatı. You may swim in the shallow and warm waters of Çatı and walk to the narrowest point of the Datça Peninsula and may watch the Gulf of Hisarönü from the hilltop. Please do not lament saying that why a canal has not been built to connect this place to the Gulf of Hisarönü. This will be exactly the place where you will plan to make your next blue cruise with a route also covering the Gulf of Hisarönü.              

The 3rd Day: Çatı- Ballı Su

In the morning and after the breakfast we will set our sails and head towards Ballı Su. On the advancing hours of the day, as the speed of the wind increases the speed of the boat will be faster and you will enjoy the pleasure sailing in the sea on a cruise boat. We are so sure that you will want to stay at Ballı Su during the night under the moonlight. The warm breeze blowing the smell of fresh oriental sweetgum trees that promote relaxation will help to refresh you. 

The 4th Day:  English Harbor- Akbük- Sedir Island-Cleopatra Cove

In the morning, after the breakfast we head towards the English Harbor with our minds captured into the beauty of Ballı Su. In this natural harbor, getting its name for being used as a base by the English Royal Navy in the First World War, we will replenish missing items such as stores, provisions, fuel and water while you are enjoying the sea and sun. Subsequently, we will anchor in one of the tens of coves in the English Harbor or will hoist our sails towards Akbük catching the wind from the side. We, the sailors do not much like to stay at Akbük during nights due to the high winds that may blow from the high mountains, and consequently we will set our sails towards the Sedir Island and anchor in a small cove located at the east side of the island after having the five o’clock tea and before being attacked by a swarm of bees. Rumors have it that this small beach was so famous that one of the Queens of Egypt who is also known as Cleopatra used to come to swim here from Egypt, and for this reason it is known as Cleopatra’s Beach. These archeological sites located in the Sedir or Cleopatra Island which, once upon a time, was used as summer house areas by the wealthy people of the Carian Civilization will attract your attention.

The 5th Day: Port of Söğüt- Marmaris- Tuzla  

In the morning, after the breakfast we head towards the Port of Söğüt. It takes only half an hour to get from here to Marmaris by car, therefore if you wish, you can visit Marmaris or we can anchor in a small and calm cove and enjoy the pleasure of the sea and sun. Subsequently, we will depart towards Tuzla to stay overnight.     

The 6th Day: Çökertme Cove

To prevent the boat from being caught in the strong west winds your captain will set sail very early in the morning while you are sleeping. If you wish, you can watch the sun rise. Most probably we will have our breakfast while en route to our destination depending on the weather conditions. Our target destination is the Çökertme Cove, which has been the theme for many folk songs. We will spend all the day in this beautiful cove.

The 7th Day: Kisebükü- Port of Bodrum

Again, we will set very early in the morning. We will have a long way to go to get Kisebükü. It is important not be caught by the waves caused by the westerly winds. If you like to walk, we recommend you to take a walk towards to the hill of Kisebükü. To see very old cave houses remaining from cave period and to meet village people remaining from the ancient Carian civilization will be a very different experience for you. The inhabitants of this village, which does not still have electricity, do not know the new name of their village and when you ask them they will tell the old name of the village, namely Aleksi, as an expression of love and respect for their old neighbors who live in distant lands now. We will enter to the Port of Bodrum before the night falls.       

 The 8th Day:    The Port of Bodrum – Check-out  

After staying in the Port of Bodrum or in a cove close to the Port of Bodrum we will take our breakfast. In the last day of our tour, after enjoying the peace and tranquility of the sea and let your spirits relax and let your hearts warmed and bodies bronzed under the bright sun you will make your preparations to return home. We hope to see you in the next year in your new blue voyage cruise with a new route, we are looking forward to see you again in the next year.      


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