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Bodrum, Rhodos

Bodrum, Rhodos

The details of a Bodrum- Kos- Symi- Rhodes- Datça- Bodrum Blue Voyage Cruise

The 1st Day: Bodrum- Kos Island

In the Port of Bodrum on the one hand, while our guests will be boarding on the boat, on the other hand the boat crew will be replenishing our stores and provisions and other missing items. In the meantime, you will deliver to the captain your passports with a valid Schengen visa or a valid visa for entering Greece. After the completion of the port formalities, our boat will berth at the bonded port area. In fact, previously these formalities were completed without being required to berth at the bonded area of the Port of Bodrum. After the passport controls, we will weigh the anchor! Our first destination port will be the Kos Island. We will anchor either in the internal port or external port as designated by the port authority according to the occupancy of the port.  You can begin to visit the city after the delivery of the required documents to the travel agency. The captain will complete all formalities required to enter and stay in the island while you are wandering around the city.  I would like in advance to remind you that you will get back the documents that you delivered in the morning only late in the afternoon, and this is because our neighbors have more Mediterranean blood than we do☺. We will enjoy the pleasure of the Kos Island throughout the entire day and night. You will be surprised by the large number of historical buildings, monuments and artifacts in this small island remaining from the Hellenistic Period, Rhodes Knights and from the Ottomans.           

The 2nd Day: Symi Island   

If the officials have not taken a longer Siesta time and given your papers and documents back, we will weigh the anchor and head to the Symi Island. Please do not ask your captain “to stop the boat” and that you want to have a swim here” while the boat is passing along the Knidos (Cnidus) Island, this is because the boat is subject to the customs formalities. In order to stop the boat in the Turkish waters, in the first place you have to enter a Turkish port that has a customs office. We will pass along the İnceburun and then arrive at the crystal clear and superb   waters of the Symi Island. You will be impressed and amazed. You will be surprised by the large number of Turkish yachts, all lined up to enter the port of this city which was empty and abandoned only twenty years ago. Again, there will be customs formalities to enter the island. Again, breaks by the officers taken for a short nap after the midday meal (siestas). It is a bit difficult, but, it is really worth it. Symi is a very charming and sweet island town that looks like it has been taken out of fairy tales. You can have your dinner on board or in a tavern completely according to your preference. The restaurants and small bars of the Symi Island are quite famous.     

The 3rd Day: Symi Island- Rhodes

We will weigh the anchor very early in the morning. There is no wind yet. We will give a break and anchor in the ultramarine blue waters of the cove located at the east side of the island.  After the breakfast, we will set sail towards the isle of Rhodes of the Knights, in the first place greeting and saying hello to Bozukkale (Loryma). It will take only a few hours to get to the Rhodes Island. We expect that we will find a suitable place in the port to moor the port. And now we are in Rhodes. You will see the sacred monuments all over the island such as its castle, Ottoman mosques, churches and synagogues that have managed to coexist throughout the entire course of time. You should visit the ruined castle and the tombs of our ancestors. Moreover, we highly recommend you to rent a car to visit and see the southern part of the island. On the other hand, your captain will try to complete the customs formalities while you will be visiting and wandering around the island.          

The 4th Day:  Rhodes – Coves around the Symi Island

If you will not want to stay in Rhodes then we will set sail early in the morning for the return voyage. Our route will be the beautiful and pristine coves located at the south end of the Symi Island. We will have our lunch here and then set sail towards another cove to stay overnight.

The 5th Day: Datça- İnceburun

After the breakfast we set sail towards Datça, and it will take only a few hours to get there. We will visit and see the city after the completion of the customs formalities. Whenever you will be ready we will depart towards the İnceburun for anchoring overnight. 

The 6th Day: Palamutbükü- Knidos Antique City

After the breakfast, we will take a small break in Palamutbükü and then we will be all aboard for Knidos. We will visit and see the Knidos Antique City and anchor in the Antique Port for an overnight stay.     

The 7th Day:  Poyraz Port of the Black Island (Karaada), Bodrum 

The Captain will weigh the anchor just at the time when the sun will be rising. He never wants the boat to be affected by the anger of the westerly winds or waves caused by these strong winds. The boat will already be anchored in the Poyraz Port of the Black Island before the winds begin to blow stronger from the west. Just after the lunch and the five o’clock tea we will set sail towards the Port of Bodrum for an overnight stay.


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